Bluprint Mobile Apps


They key to this redesign was simplicity in user experience and a focus on content delivery. Ultimately, the app had to serve as a standalone learning experience while being approachable enough to appeal to entertainment only audiences. For stability and performance reasons, the choice was made to develop in the native Android/IOS languages.

UX Design
UI Design
User Testing
Interaction Design

Wireframes  & Interaction Design

The initial user research uncovered various areas of opportunity, such as content discovery based on genres, moods, or a combination of the same. However, for the MVP, I kept in mind the business goals and organizational capacity and decided to focus upon some key areas, including simplifying user experience around user on-boarding, class discovery and a strong focus on personalization, discoverability for what to watch.

Information Architecture and Content Discovery

With such a large content library, we used the top level categories and relied solely on search functionality for navigation. The result and feedback from users was that browsing was difficult and buried too deep in the product.  To resolve this usability issue we undertook a large IA sprint to developed sub-categories or facets.  By providing more meaningful content groupings, we improved overall navigation and findability of the content.

Learning path

In addition to improving overall discovery, we wanted to provided structured learning paths for users. This included  step-by-step instruction from novice to beginner and more advanced techniques for more experienced crafters. The ideas was that we could create a curated path and fill any knowledge gaps for crafters making projects ranging in difficulty

Second Screen casting

Following the launch of the MVP version of the product we added functionality to cast while the device as a secondary device to browse content or view related class materials.

Onboarding and value exchange

We wanted to use the product experience to sell itself but still needed to capture a lead for remarketing. With just an email and temporary account creation we were able to get more users in the door without for a 24hr trial. Transactional emails followed with personized content and ocassional offers pulled potential users into subscription.