ShelfLife platform

ShelfLife is an ordering platform for food & beverage manufacturers. ShelfLife offers one-click ordering, a communication platform, and ultimately, a two-sided marketplace. It’s a one-stop-shop for food & beverage manufacturers to streamline and manage all of their sourcing needs. View the website built in webflow.
Interaction Design
User stories
UX Design
UI Design


Starting with some simple flow diagrams, we were quickly able to identify the main use cases for the product and start creating some user stories to work towards.

User story mapping

We organized the user stories and developed tasks that would help shape the rest of the experience.  This was a critical exercise between product, design and the business to align on the areas we would focus.  It also helped identify how we were going to approach the vendor marketplace.

Initial wireframes

One we moved into the wireframe stage we were able to get feedback from vendors and potential users of the product. That direction helped us move into higher fidelity designs and prototypes. As we continued to define and iterate the user interviews were essential in coming up with desirable features. 

Site structure and Interaction design

As the site started to take shape, we built out the primary navigation and connected the user flows throughout the experience.

Competitive analysis

We did a thorough evaluation of other shipping and logistic products to understand the market. This also allowed us to figure out where the product should differentiate.